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C# Corner Consultants

Manish Dwivedi

10 years of experience
Full-Stack Developer, .NET Architect, Project Manager
Manish is a Project Manager with 10 Yrs of development experience. He has focused on Asp.Net, C#, Jquery, Knockout, Angular, Javascript, MVC, Web API and SQL Server development. His background includes Master's in Computer Application.
Chicago, Los Angeles, Philadelphia
Oct 2016
C# Corner Consultants

Mahesh Chand

20 years of experience
Hololens Developer, Alexa Skills Developer, Google Home Developer, .NET Architect, Project Manager
Microsoft MVP (11-times), MCP
Mahesh is an award-winning Software Architect and Author with 20 years of software development experience in building complete solutions using cutting-edge technologies. He is a 11-times Microsoft MVP. He has developed systems for the Healthcare, Education, Financial, Banking, Pharmaceuticals, Engineering & Architectural, Imaging, Construction, and Software industries. Some of the companies Mahesh has worked with includes Comcast, Unisys, Adidas, Microsoft, Excelon Corp, Johnson & Johnson, University of Pennsylvania Hospital, PMI, McGraw-Hill, and Barclays. Mahesh has authored half a dozen books and thousands of articles on software programming and architecture. Mahesh has Master degree in Computer Science and Bachelor degrees in Physics and Mathematics.
C# Corner Consultants

Tom Zdanowski

18 years of experience
.NET Architect, Project Manager
Highly-skilled software architect and hands-on developer with 18 years of extensive experience programming functionality-rich interactive websites. Demonstrates proven results in all project phases – from gathering requirements to database architecture, coding, on-time delivery and support. Collaborates and communicates closely with all project stakeholders and utilizes innovative technologies to deliver high-quality web development solutions.
All USA, New York, Philadelphia
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